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Google's parent company, Alphabet, is reportedly putting its plans for building a car without a steering wheel or pedals on hold.
It has been reported that Alphabet plans instead to focus on partnerships with automakers to produce a vehicle that drives itself but still retains the traditional cockpit features currently necessary to pilot a car. 

The change could help the company launch a ride-sharing service with autonomous cars by the end of 2017, people close to the project told the site.
Google had wowed the world with its prototype self-driving car in 2014, a true spectacle that was said to work without a steering or brakes. Instead of the car controls indispensable to today's drivers, Google's prototype relied on built-in sensors and a software system to safely maneuver the vehicle.
Alphabet have long since planned to have self driving cars, experimenting since 2009, with an eye for eventually creating a business providing software to traditional car manufacturers. One of the main incentives for developing autonomous vehicles is to make roads safer by eliminating the possibility for crashes caused by human error.
According to CNET, Alphabet CEO Larry Page is also moving ahead with plans to promote the self-driving car effort from a project at its experimental lab X to its own business under the Alphabet umbrella, The Information reported. The move began when it started separating the car group's finances at the beginning of the year, X chief Astro Teller said in October during the Wall Street Journal's WSJ.D Live global technology conference.

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