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Reports circulating around the blogosphere speculate that Samsung might ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack in the Galaxy S8 it's planning to release next year. According to reports, Samsung is instead planning to offer a USB Type-C port in its handset that will accommodate headphones.
According to the report, Samsung is removing the port to make additional room for stereo speakers -- a first for the Samsung Galaxy S line -- and allow the company to bundle a bigger battery with its next handset.

According to Sammobile's sources, Samsung will not allow users to charge their device and listen to music on the handset at the same time. 
This is not the first of the rumors surrounding the S8 with reports over the last couple of weeks suggesting that , including reports that the Galaxy S8 could come with a larger screen than its predecessor, deliver a much better camera and offer improved artificial intelligence. It's also believed that the smartphone will be far more powerful than the Galaxy S7 and deliver outstanding battery life.
We'll just have to wait and see just what happens eventually.

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