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Ever since the scandal that surrounded the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the company has been trying to get people to return their units and while at least 90% of people have complied there are still pockets of people who have refused to let go, risking danger just so they can enjoy their Samsung phones.
Already Samsung has made the phone severely limited in Canada and have rendered it almost unusable in the USA and now the South Korean company have set their eyes on the BBC.
According to online sources, from the 15th of December, Galaxy Note7s in the United Kingdom will begin to receive an update that will limit prevent owners from charging them above 30%. That's a huge hit as the Note7 and its 3500mAh battery allowed for solid battery life, but 70% shaved off means it's barely more than 1000mAh. That's even less than the original iPhone's battery's capacity.
Whether this will translate to the rest of Europe is unknown as this information was only made available on their UK page. It is quite likely that it will happen though as Samsung continues to look for ways to discourage people from using the Galaxy Note 7.

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