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Nokia used to be the go-to phone for everyone..till they were not. They were still hugely popular for a while but now it seems everyone has moved on.
But they are making a comeback!
Yes you heard us right, Nokia is coming back in early 2017 and will do so on the Android platform.
The company announced plans to return to tablets and phones back in May, and have now provided more details today as it formalizes a licensing agreement with HMD Global (HMD). Also based in Finland, HMD global is the new home of Nokia phones under a brand licensing deal that will last for at least 10 years.
Nokia has launched a new phones section on its site today, marking the return of Nokia-branded smartphones and tablets after Microsoft acquired its phone business and killed off the Nokia brand in favor of Lumia. The first Nokia smartphones powered by Android will be available in the first half of 2017, alongside Nokia-branded feature phones.
This is not Nokia's fist adventure into Android land as they diddled with Android just before being acquired by Microsoft with an iPad mini clone running Android. 
So while the return of Nokia is welcome, we do wonder if they will be truly able to compete with the giants like Apple and their iOS or even with other smartphones that use Android like Google, Samsung or Lenovo.
Guess we'll see.

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