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The battle of the phones rages on with Apple and Samsung constantly trying to one up each other.
At the moment though it seems Apple is leading the way in terms of processors with Qualcomm and Samsung unable to outperform Apple’s A-series mobile chips. The iPhone 7 is the undisputed king when it comes to mobile performance, both in benchmark tests and real-life use. Even the 2015 iPhone 6s is still able to beat 2016 flagships in real-life CPU performance.
In 2017, a new generation of phones and processors will flood the market and the battle will kick off anew and from the looks of things, Apple still has the edge.
An An Tu Tu benchmark test for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor found by Phone Arena shows a score of more than 180,000 points. That’s impressive, considering that the Snapdragon 835 isn’t even out yet. The processor is expected to power most of next year’s Android-based flagship handsets, including the version of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 that will be sold in the US.
And while this is great and all, more noteworthy is the fact that this score only tops Apple’s iPhone 7 by less than 10,000 points. Now this isn't the finished product and those might be better, but, Apple’s A11 chip that will go into the iPhone 8 next year will undoubtedly top that score by a big margin.
Samsung’s next Exynos chip and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 CPU will both be made using 10nm process technology. That means we’re looking at significant performance and energy efficiency improvements. The Snapdragon 835 alone should be 27% faster than predecessors and 40% more efficient. However, Apple’s A11 is also going to be a 10nm processor. So we’d expect it to do better than rivals in both benchmark tests and in actual usage scenarios.

Galaxy or Apple, what is sure is that next year will be amazing on the smartphones front and we can only wait with bated breath as the new devices that will take over our lives are launched.

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