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Everyone has been freaking out over the potential next year release of the iPhone 8 with its many features and bells and whistles.
So it would definitely come as a huge disappointment to fans to find out that the iPhone 8 might not be coming next year.
The reason for this is pretty simple: There are just too many planned upgrades and features to fit it into a schedule for next year.
According to Apple’s suppliers from Taiwan, next year’s model won’t be called the iPhone 8 but the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus instead. 
And for the most part that's understandable because the rumours have stated that the iPhone 8 will come with OLED screens, a no-button fingerprint scanner, all-glass design, and wireless charging.
That's a lot of changes and it seems that the Taiwanese components suppliers can't meet up with all this just yet. 
So consumers will have to console themselves with the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus. 
On the plus side (hehe), it seems the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus will come with a processor upgrade. Instead of the Apple A10 that debuted this year, the iPhone 7s will be powered by an A11. Leaks and rumors about that chip are scarce at this point, aside from a switch to a 10 nanometer fabrication process. That means a smaller chip with more efficient power management, and more room for other silicon on the motherboard.
Other than that, however, the iPhone 7s might offer nothing new. No glass body and, therefore, no wireless charging. Those who weren’t entirely enamored by the iPhone 7 this year might have little incentive to upgrade next year as well, which might not do Apple’s sales and earnings any favors.
So it seems those salivating over the possibility of an iPhone 8 might have to wait a little bit longer.

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