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The battle between Samsung and Apple is heating up with rumours flying about the iPhone 8 and the Galaxy S8-- the flagship phones expected next year by both companies.
The two devices, according to rumours, will share many common features, including a brand-new all-screen design that might incorporate a fingerprint sensor. Images of the phones are not available at this time, but some designers out there already came up with convincing renders trying to imagine what these phones might look like. The following concept shows what the Galaxy S8 may look like, but to be honest, it could well be the iPhone 8.

The images were initially posted by Weibo user @KingwayLee and as you will see, the renders look pretty good and give the impression that the Galaxy S8 will be able to stand toe to toe with the iPhone 8.
Earlier rumors have claimed that Samsung will do away with the home button and place the fingerprint sensor under the screen instead. 
With the rumours of the iPhone 8 speculating that it could feature an all-screen front-side with limited bezels. The iconic home button is said to be gone with its functionality supposed to be transferred to the OLED screen. 
Y Galaxy S8 concept that @KingwayLee imagined.
Now even with all the similarities, it's obvious that the phones won't be the same but they do look quite similar. These are all just speculations of course with a lot able to change in the coming months, but it sure means we can look forward to some nifty phone designs come next year.

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