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Prometheus, the tool that allows downgrade or upgrade to an unsigned iOS firmware, has been released and this news has gotten a lot of techies excited especially with all the possibilities it promises. 

So how do you use it? The first thing to note is that you must have your SHSH2 blobs saved for the firmware version you are downgrading or upgrading to. If you haven’t saved your SHSH2 blobs already then go do so.

The next thing you'd need to note is that the tool works on 64-bit devices at this moment in time
 and support for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is somewhat broken. 

So knowing that you can move forward. It's not all gloom though as support for more devices is on the way

So what Prometheus will let you do is to upgrade from iOS 9.x to iOS 10.x with ease, and within different versions of iOS 9.x. However, you cannot downgrade from iOS 10.x to iOS 9.x. If you were planning on doing so, then you might want to put things to rest. 

And finally of note is that Prometheus works for both jailbroken and non-jailbreak devices, which is huge!

And lastly (seriously) is that it's only available for the Mac at the moment, but not to fear, Windows and Linux versions will be out soon enough.

Check out the tutorials below and soon you'll be a pro at upgrading or downgrading your device. I think it is necessary to note though that if you have no idea how this works or what this is, you should seriously consider giving a pro so as not to damage your iOS device.

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