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Every Android user knows the playstore. Every Android user has probably at one point or the other used the Playstore, be it for games, Apps and even more recently, movies, series and so on.
The major problem with it was the difficulty of sometimes finding what you want with all the subsections and so on. So it was with great excitement that it was discovered that Google might be doing something about this.
According to a Pixel user, apps and games were clearly separate in different categories on the front page of the store. 
This change small as it is could be of great help to many Android users. It does seem that at the moment the separation appears to be live for some users while some aren't experiencing the changes.
But this is natural and all users should see the changes soon. This sort of change is often made server-side, which means that the change could appear on your device at any time, and does not require an update to the Play Store app itself. Regardless, this is the sort of change that should give users a lot to be happy about, as browsing for software in the Play Store has often been something of a poor experience, while search rarely helps much, either.
Separating apps and games on the device side of things will help users find something they want, without having to go through several different subcategories, and it’s likely that this is the sort of change that will help users discover certain titles they might not otherwise when browsing. 

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