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The Google Pixel was launched earlier this year to a lot of excitement, i mean, it's a Google phone.
But it seems' there's a bit of a problem with the phone-- the audio. It seems that setting your audio to the max selection might be a bit of a hassle.
According to a post on Reddit, it claims that the Pixel smartphones can’t rise to the highest three levels of volume without the sound distorting. Sound distortion isn’t new and if you’ve maxed out speaker volume levels before, you know what we’re talking about. However for this problem to manifest itself at the three highest levels does seem a bit odd, and this is apparently a problem that quite a number of Pixel owners are complaining about.
Beyond that, there's also a video lamenting about this problem. The video was uploaded by uploaded by Mark Buckman. In describing the video he said, “This video demonstrates the static/popping/crackling noise that is an issue across both the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. This is an issue that I have personally seen on 5 devices and I am not the only one,” .
It seems Google is trying to resolve the issue and there are users who have even gone in for an exchange. We can only hope the problem is resolved soon.

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