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5G mobile tech is definitely the way forward and it seems that BT group and Huawei totally agree with us on that.
Yesterday, the two entities announced a spicy partnership in which they will work towards developing 5G mobile technologies. Together, the two companies plan to “conduct pioneering joint research into 5G” and consider the “technical and commercial feasibility” of deploying 5G technologies, hoping to push the standardization and development of 5G in the industry.
Huawei and BT will conduct their work and research at BT Labs in Ipswich “and other locations around the UK” said a BT report.
The major focus of their work according to the report is network slicing to allow operators to divide network resources to specific services; network architecture, specifically “a new air interface between devices and base stations”, security technologies, and the development of machine-to-machine communications for Internet of Things (IoT) purposes. 

Gavin Patterson, the CEO of BT said that partnerships like this one is the key to moving 5G technology forward. 
Patterson also said that the partnership with smartphone maker Huawei will see both companies exploring the potential of 5G networking in order to meet the needs of customers in both the consumer market and enterprises across the globe. 
Recall that as at last September, Huawei became part of the new 5G Automotive Association together with Intel, Nokia, Qualcomm, Ericsson, as well as German car manufacturers Audi, BMW, and Daimler. While BT in August 2016 announced their collaboration with Nokia, agreeing to work together on the creation of 5G Proof of Concept trials. 

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