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Exploding Samsung Galaxy S7 phones are well documented and have hit the company hard forcing them to recall basically every S7 on the market, but now there seems to be some furore on the S6 with a man saying that it explodes too.
Demetrius Martin, a San Francisco man is a plaintiff in a new lawsuit that claims older Samsung models have also been exploding.
His phone he claims has a similar lithium ion battery found in the Note 7 
He according to cbslocal has evidence that two Samsung Galaxy s6 phones have blown up. Both are not part of Samsung’s recent recall and the ban from planes.
He said, “At one point my colleague put down the phone and said you know this is actually too hot to hold against my head and he put it down plugged it in and that’s when it caught fire on the desk – his home desk and he knocked it off of the desk and it landed on the rug — of course causing a fire on the rug.”
According to Martin, he bought the phone for one of his employees at his theatre production company and he claims he was on the phone speaking to the employee when it happened.
He’s one of the plaintiffs in the nation’s first class-action lawsuit that identifies other models as dangerous – the s6, s7 and note 5.
Attorney Gene Stonebarger said, “Consumers should not have to live in fear that they’re walking around with a ticking time bomb in their pocket or that or that their phone is going to catch on fire and burst into flames in the middle of the night when they sleep.”
The lawsuit filed by a firm in Folsom seeks reimbursement and a recall.
Stonebarger said, “Samsung has been aware of problems and dangers of their lithium ion batteries going back years.”
Martin said, “I think it’s important, that we can’t lack on safety. It’s one of these things where I want more people to realize that these things are volatile, they still use chemicals in the batteries and the safety is number one.”
This suit applies to people who bought phones in California over the last four years.
Samsung on their part said that while they were not going to comment on ongoing litigation, the problem with the S7 is limited to just the S7 and wasn't a problem with the others.

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