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The Chinese company have been doing rather well in recent times with the flash sale held for their bezel-less Xiaomi Mi MIX phablet was sold out in only 10 seconds, so a lot of users didn’t get a chance to purchase this phablet from the company. 
The company then decided to hold another flash sale to make it up to their consumers and fans, how long did it take to sell this time? 30 seconds.
The site was quite slow due to all the traffic, and it took it a while to refresh at first, so it is possible that the devices were sold out even sooner than that, but these are approximate numbers. 
How many units were sold in the course of this sale is unknown and it is suspected that there weren't many to begin with. Xiaomi did not say how many Mi Note 2 and Mi MIX units did they have lying around this time around. The Xiaomi Mi MIX is made out of ceramic, and Xiaomi did not manufacture that many units to begin with so it is believed that not too many were sold.
For fans who missed out of the flash sale, another chance will come up on November 11th when the third flash sale will take place.
The Xiaomi Mi Note 2 and Mi MIX are both Xiaomi’s flagship phablets, but the two devices are quite different. The Mi Note 2 sports a 5.7-inch fullHD curved AMOLED display, comes in 4GB and 6GB RAM variants, and it is fueled by the Snapdragon 821 SoC, while the Mi MIX features a 6.4-inch panel, and sports basically no bezel around that display, except on the bottom. The Xiaomi Mi MIX comes with a 91.3% screen-to-body ratio, and looks really stunning, both in pictures and in real life.

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