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The buzz surrounding the iPhone 7 is barely done but Apple users and fan are already talking about what the next iteration of the mega device could have in store and if reports are to be believed it could very well be something spectacular.

According to online reports, Foxconn Technology Group, one of Apple's main manufacturing partners, is making wireless charging modules for the 2017 iPhone.

Wireless charging is not new with brands like Samsung incorporating this technology into their phones. Only the Apple watch uses it at the moment but that could change as reports indicate that this is the next feature Apple wants on its iPhones and have been recruiting engineers from wireless charging companies to make this a reality.

Speculation puts the use of wireless charging on Apple's iPhone at 2017 which will coincidentally be the 10th anniversary of the iPhone's release, so this does lend credence to the idea of having wireless charging.

Online reports also indicate that not only will the iPhone 8 have wireless charging but also a curved OLED display. While this has not been confirmed by Apple, Sharp President Tai Jeng-wu mentioned that the next iPhone would have an OLED screen during a speech last week.

While the Nikkei report states that Foxconn is already producing the wireless charging module for the next iPhone, this does not necessarily mean it will make it into the version of the phone that's released to the public. 

So it seems like a situation of wait-and-see if anything does come of this, but if true then exciting times await all Apple fans.

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