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Download it here WhatsApp Plus Apk but before you go ahead here's why WhatsApp Messenger is one of the fastest mobile messaging App in the World, in fact it has taking over traditional SMS. We all know the story that Facebook now owns WhatsApp and are steadily working on it to improve it much better but when it comes to customization, WhatsApp inventors aren't down for that, that's why we have WhatsApp Plus

So what is WhatsApp Plus and who created it ?

WhatsApp Plus was developed by a Spanish developer named Rafelete, this genius wasn't ok with the way WhatsApp security is so he decided to modify the Original WhatsApp which now makes his a third party version.

So what's can WhatsApp Plus do ?

Apart from the normal feature from WhatsApp, with WhatsApp Plus you can use custom themes, Send large files to your friends and some other cool stuffs you might wanna check under the hood.

Haven said that, WhatsApp Plus is a good app and you'll enjoy the hidden features it has. Enjoy your privacy even better!


P.S: This is a third party App and you are responsible for the download. We did not claim WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus are in partnership. They are two different entities but with the same goal.

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