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WhatsApp have been rather prolific in bringing in new features recently. Just last week, they launched their video calling feature and now WhatsApp has introduced yet another video related feature. 
What this feature does is let you watch a shared video while it is being downloaded to your phone. At the moment the feature is only available on WhatsApp beta version 2.16.365.
Before now when a video was shared, you had one of two options; either get a download button or automatically download depending on your phone settings. In both situations, however, you could only watch the video once the download is completed. 

Well no more, what happens now is instead of a download button, you see a play button. When you tap the button, the video will start buffering, and you will be able to watch the video while it is being downloaded on your phone. The buffering feature is similar to what you see when watching videos online. 
While It's not the most groundbreaking feature in the world, it does save you time. To use this feature, you will have to download the latest WhatsAppbeta app that you can get on the Play Store. You will however have to first enroll in the company’s beta program. It is likely that WhatsApp would release this feature on the final version soon.
So get on it and save yourself the time you would normally use waiting for a video to download

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