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The story of the Galaxy Note 7 is no news to anyone ever since it became a WMD. The battery issues was the downfall of the Note 7.
So with the Note 7 dethroned, what then is the best phablet? Well, it seems the crown falls to the Galaxy Note 5.
According to SamMobile, It seems Samsung is trying to improve the Note 5 by imputing Galaxy Note 7 software to the Galaxy Note 5 in Korea
The Galaxy S7 is awesome, but it lacks a built-in stylus, which is one feature some fans of the Note series appreciate.
Photo Crd: Android Central

Limited to South Korea for the time being, the Grace UX update will bring to the Galaxy Note 5 some of the features found on the Galaxy Note 7. Sadly, this is still a Marshmallow-based update for the old phablet, but that shouldn’t make it any less exciting.
Features like Wide Selfie, Ultra Power Saving Mode, Smart Manager, Blue Light Filter, and Game Tools are included in this new Grace UX update.
All this is all well and good but what people want to know is whether these improvements will be available to user outside Korea and this is at the moment not clear. Although it's expected that it will be, users will still have to wait for a proper Android 7.0 Nougat update for the phablet, though.
So all in all good stuff.

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