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Samsung has been in the doldrums lately but look set to make a stunning comeback. Rumors abound about a new, glossy black Samsung Galaxy S7 coming soon.

The story first appeared in the Korea Herald, who cited unnamed industry sources, and now, newly-released images on Chinese site Weibo seem to confirm that report. The new S7 phone color is expected to be available in December, in time for the winter holiday shopping season.

It is believed that the new color appears to be an attempt to nudge up the company's smartphone sales after the disaster that was the S7 and also Apple's release of the popular glossy Jet Black iPhone 7.

Will a simple change in color repair Samsung's reputation? That's unlikely, but it's better than nothing.

Also there's the problem of smudging which has been a problem with Apple's shiny black phone along with how easy it is to see scratches compared to other colors.

It is believed that the shiny black Samsung will be safe, but it remains to be seen.

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