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Samsung may have suffered in the court of public opinion after the disaster that was the S7, but they already have big plans for their next phone in the Galaxy series.
According to PC mag, the South Korean company is developing a new digital assistant for its upcoming Galaxy smartphone.
Some of the phone's prototypes include a dedicated button to easily summon the AI-based helper.
This move is hardly surprising as Samsung acquired an artificial intelligence company Viv Labs and they are going to use the interface with future Galaxy smartphones.
According to PC mag a Samsung spokeswoman said, "Samsung is excited to begin integrating initial AI capabilities into its future products and we look forward to sharing further details at a later date,"
Apart from the possibility of a new AI system, precious little is known about the Galaxy S8. The most anticipated piece of information perhaps is just when it will arrive although Samsung have said nothing about this.
Samsung have had a rough time of it, but despite the fiasco of the S7, they are still the leading smartphone retailer and are yet to be knocked off that perch.

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