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Swiftkey is probably the go-to app for your keyboard and typing needs on most android phones. It's rather convenient as it usually learns words making typing even faster.

Its predictive text is mostly what makes it so popular as it means people don't have tp type the same thing again and again. You talk about a certain band all the time, or you are repeating a piece of information to loads of different people, Swiftkey covers you. 
Now they have added a new update to the app brings a new incognito mode, plus several additional keyboard layouts that Swiss speaking and reading friends will find useful. Plus of course you get the usual bug fixes that we can’t really see on the surface but makes using the app smoother.
When you use incognito mode on a browser, this means that whatever you’re using will not be able to collect data from you since it disables your browsing history and web cache as well. With SwiftKey, the new incognito mode temporarily disables the app from collecting data or more specifically, it stops learning the words and phrases that you use when you type. So if you're discussing something sensitive with a contact, or you're visiting 'interesting' sites and don't want your keyboard to learn the words, then this feature works for you.
That's not all the update does though as it also adds new keyboard layouts, like the QWERTZ Swiss French layout and the QWERTZ extended layout for Swiss German and Swiss Italian. This will be more convenient for native speakers (or typers) in that language. Some errors from previous versions have also been fixed, like dragging the cursor for Chinese keyboards will no longer crash the app or downloading the themes will load after the first tap.
You can always get the app from the google Play Store and if you already have it, just update and boom, you'll have all the new fixes and updates.

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