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Apple's new MacBook Pro and the fancy touch bar versions have kicked off with pre-orders. You might want to upgrade because this new versions come with interesting upgrades and new improvements,plus it's now thinner, lighter and more powerful.

Interestingly, to upgrade to this improved versions you will need to have enough cash.

For the 13-inch MacBook Pro with no Touch Bar you will need to have a budget of $1,499/£1,449/AU$2,199, with touch bar you will need to have $1,799/£1,749/AU$2,699 and the 15-inch MacBook Pro will cost you $2,399/£2,349/AU$2,999.

But note that if you want one of the fancy Touch Bar versions, it won't begin shipping until two to three weeks from now.


Looking at the MacBook Pro keyBoard you would notice a significant change,compared to other laptops the Apple MacBook Pro has brought innovation into the KeyBoard design,what did they do?.....They removed the all famous Function keys and replaced them with a stylish and eye catching Touch Bar. The Touch Bar is a multi-touch OLED strip – essentially a long, narrow screen – which can be customised to display different controls, depending on what you’re doing at any moment. So if you're editing photos, the Touch Bar will feature tool shortcuts. If you're editing videos, you'll be able to see the whole timeline and scroll through it using the Touch Bar.It also features a Touch ID sensor which you can use as a secured password input system and also for app purchases or installation. 

When Apple promises better performance it's a certainty, the 15inch MacBook Pro model was built to perform,it features a 2.7GHz quad-core Intel Core i7, 16GB of RAM, 256GB SSD and Radeon Pro 450 GPU with 2GB of VRAM. Configure it up to its top spec and those rise to a 2.9GHz CPU, 2TB SSD and Radeon Pro 460 with 4GB of VRAM.The 13inch model on the other hand comes in a variety of options, but somewhat confusing also comes in two different designs: an entry-level model with two USB-C ports and no Touch Bar/Touch ID, that starts with a 2.0GHz dual-core i5 CPU, 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD and Intel Iris 540 graphics; and a model with four USB-C ports, a Touch Bar/Touch ID that starts with a 2.9GHz dual-core i5 CPU, 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD and Intel Iris 550 graphics.

Check out this review video down below to find out more.

Microsoft has launched it's new Surface family,the Surface Studio,Surface Book and Surface Pro 4. Each and every one of them has its own unique feature,all come with superb built,brilliant designs and higher performance but they come in high cost and is definitely not for everyone.

Starting with the surface studio,

the Surface Studio is a 28-inch all-in-one PC with a new iteration on Microsoft's PixelSense display and an all-new way to control the device in the Surface Dial.

The Surface Studio comes with a 12.55mm thick screen with the thinnest ever LED, according to Microsoft, at just 1.3mm and packs 13.5 million pixels – around 63% more than a 4K TV set.


Expect nothing more than a stunning Intel Core i7 processor, backed with 32GB RAM, a 2TB hybrid hard drive and a Nvidia GTX 980M graphics processing unit.

With all these the Microsoft Surface Studio will cost you a whopping $2,999

And the second on the list,the Surface Book with performance base,

as the it has been themed "Performance Base" this Pc has been built to meet all the necessary qualities of a performer, this Pc doesn't care if you are an intense graphic gamer or into music or video production, it comes with an Intel® Core™ i7 processor and NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 965M 2GB GPU, gives you the increased speed and graphics performance you need for engineering, design, and everything in between.

The last on the list,the Surface Pro 4,

all you need from a PC and a Tablet is what you get from this Surface pro 4,According to Microsoft 
Surface Pro 4 is light enough to take anywhere and powerful enough to use as a full desktop workstation. In fact, it’s 50% faster than a MacBook Air 13”.1
With a 16GB RAM,Surface Pro 4 is engineered to give you the power and performance you need in a laptop, with Intel® Core™ processors and up to 1TB of lightning fast SSD for all your programs, photos, and music.

With striking true-to-life color, the 12.3” high-resolution PixelSense™ Display was designed to be viewed, touched, and written on. And text reads like the printed page with a high-contrast, easy-on-the-eyes display.

Xiaomi has just launched a new phone that looks just like the "late" Samsung Galaxy Note 7, it's called the "Xiaomi Mi Note 2". This phone is the Galaxy Note 7 reincarnate.


Display: The Xiaomi Mi Note 2 has an AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors which guarantees a very sharp and clear display, 5.7 inches (~74.2% screen-to-body ratio) and 1080 x 1920 pixels (~386 ppi pixel density).

Camera: The primary camera has 22.5 MP, f/2.0, phase detection autofocus, dual-LED (dual tone) flash,1/2.6" sensor size, 1 µm pixel size, geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection, HDR, panorama and the secondary camera has 8 MP, f/2.0, autofocus.

Memory: With no availability of a memory card slot the phone has two in-built memory types,the cheapest version with 64 GB, 4 GB RAM which cost 2799 yuan (about $410, £330, AU$540) or the 128 GB, 6 GB RAM which cost 3299 yuan (about $490, £400, AU$640).

There's also a "Global Version" which is said to have global LTE bands coverage and might be the version that would be sent out to the rest of the world and cost 3499 yuan (about $520, £420, AU$680).

The Xiaomi Mi Note 2 also features a fingerprint sensor right beneath the home button, an accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer and a Non-removable Li-Ion 4070 mAh battery, it's available in black and silver colors.

But the bad news is the phone might not circulate just yet,according to reports from the company's spokesman, he said,
The Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is currently planned to go on sale in China only. We don’t have any more information about its availability in other markets.

With the advancement of technology scientist through research are discovering new ways to help save lives, "iLifesaver" is an iphone app that has been tested to be able to detect cancer with 99% accuracy.
According to TechRadar a research was carried out with the Apple Iphone 5 by a research team led by assistant professor Lei Li from Washington State University, which led to the development of a portable gadget that can detect cancerous cells in an instant, analysing eight samples at once – unprecedented for an analysis tool of this kind.

With the use of a spectrometer which measures the light spectrum to identify amounts and types of chemicals associated with cancerous cells in a sample,this gadget is capable of detecting human interleukin-6 (IL-6) which is a known marker for prostrate, liver, lung, breast and epithelial cancers.

Li also promised that efforts will be made to make sure the app is available to both android devices too.
Aside being useful in clinics and hospitals,every home will also be able to use one of these cause its cost effective.

With this initiative lots of lives will be saved due to early detection of cancer cells.

Coming back from the 1940's is the Kodak Ektra Camera with a modern day rebirth as an Android phone.

The phone features 21MP camera with an f/2.0 lens and Optical Image Stabilization. It features Phase Detection AF and 4K video recording. A dual-LED, dual-tone LED flash is on the back (xenon would have been a lovely touch here). There’s a solid 13MP camera on the front for selfies.

And also the Kodak Ektra comes with a rich selection of image editing features. For videos, you can play with grains, vignettes and that nostalgic Super 8 look that is still alive today

As for the design the phone looks sleek and slim enough for a phone with a digital camera lense.

The hardware specification of the phone includes,a deca-core 2.3GHz MediaTek Helio X20 chip and 3GB of RAM,3,000mAh battery, which charges via USB Type-C and comes with 32GB of storage that can be expanded by microSD.

Check out the review video below.

Switch....switch....switch, anyhow and anyway. It's a new gaming console by Nintendo and it's called the "Nintendo Switch" and would be launched March 2017, Can't wait to get a hands on review on this one.

This could be one of the best consoles next year, it has all the feature of both a stationary home and a portable mobile console......it is indeed unlimited. When you switch from home mode to portable mode, games will resume right where you left off. Just grab it and go.

With its multiplayer support you can invite all your friends, and if  you’re worried your friends are screenwatching or you’re just playing a game that isn’t suited for splitscreen, you can also pair multiple Switch units together to give each player a display of their own.

Check out the official trailer for a clearer picture.

If you are a developer and have been faced with the challenge of receiving payment from your users,your days of worrying are over as CCHub (Co-creation Hub) and Interswitch are partnering to host a two-day workshop themed "Interswitch API Integration Jam" which would hold this month, October 28 and 29, 2016 from 9am – 5pm at the CcHUB Building, 6th Floor, 294 Herbert Macaulay Way, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos. with the aim of solving this challenge.

According to Techcabal the event was put together in recognition of the complex nature of monetization and payment in Nigeria’s tech startup ecosystem.

With the availability of Teams and developers with technology products requiring collection of funds from customers will be giving demonstrations of  new APIs they can use to resolve payment problems and reward customers, Interswitch engineers will also demonstrate the use of Quickteller, Interswitch Payment Gateway, Paycode, eWallet Services and Loyalty APIs at the Jam.Opportunity to integrate the APIs into existing products or innovate around a yet to launch but already developed product wiil be giving.

And also Interswitch's plan of enabling seamless payment would be discussed in a chat with the MD/CEO of Interswitch, Mitchell Elegbe.

To register click Here.

Apple would be introducing the latest versions of the MacBook Pro and Air Models before October runs out. Apple will launch both 13 and 15-inch models, continuing to offer the machine in the same sizes available today. Apple is also expected to launch a new 13-inch MacBook Air, but will not debut a new 11-inch MacBook Air machine.

The new 13-inch MacBook Air are said to include USB-C ports and Thunderbolt 3 support,the USB-C ports are further anticipated to be of the USB 3.1 Gen 2 flavor, making them zippier than the (Gen 1) port which Apple introduced with the 12-inch MacBook. Previous rumors have suggested the upcoming MacBook Pro will include four USB-C ports, doing away with an SD card slot, an HDMI port, USB-A ports, and a MagSafe connection.

It is also expected to feature a redesigned, thinner body with a flatter keyboard, an OLED display touch panel that replaces the physical function keys at the top of the keyboard, and Touch ID support.

Alongside the UK and US,India will also be receiving the official launch of the Apple Watch Nike+ which will begin sales on October 28.

The Apple Watch Nike+ is a collaboration between Apple and Nike,the watch carries a playful and sporty look with reduced weight and improved ventilation.It also comes with motivational stats to get them running more often,some exclusive Nike watch faces, and company’s Nike+ Run Club fitness app.

It would be going for a price of Rs 32,900 ($492) for the 38mm model and Rs 34,900 ($522) for the bigger 42mm model.

Aside UK,US & India,countries that will also receive the Apple Watch Nike+ sale include; Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico,Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, France, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Puerto Rico.

Technology is far advancing and many future technologies have been teased in most of the movies we have watched,from the hover boards that can levitate high up above the ground and now a motorcycle that stays upright even when not on motion,this we have seen in  the BATMAN movies but the BMW family are celebrating a 100th year anniversary and have decided to make a similar futuristic prototype that would come in the next 100 years.

The German Automobile are calling this prototype the "Motorrad Vision Next 100",it's a motorcycle that is so confident in its stability and needs no brake pedal to stand upright.

With the BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 riders are guaranteed maximum safety...you don't even need a helmet to ride on it.Edgar Heinrich, the design director of BMW's motorcycle division said,
Its self-balancing system will help protect the rider at any time,Any late reaction from the driver will trigger and the vehicle will balance out.
The electrically powered bike assures zero emission as long as the electricity comes from a zero emission source.Also a bionic riding suit and visor will accompany the bike.

If seeing is believing check out this video below and see for yourself:

Good news, Microsoft has officially announced that the HoloLens headset which already had it's "Development Edition" selling in the US and Canada,can now be purchased in the UK and five more countries.Pre-orders have already kickstarted,you can now preorder the device exclusively from Microsoft’s online store in the UK, as well as in Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, and New Zealand,for those who can't wait due to their eager excitement.

For most of us who do not know what the HoloLens is all about,it's a viewing device built by Microsoft similar to the VR headset but do not function the same way.Everything you need for your AR experience is built into the Hololens.There are two well-placed speakers on either side of the band (and they don’t cover your ears, which is an important thing with a device meant to be used collaboratively), with volume controls for each just above them. All the heavy lifting is done by what Microsoft calls a Holographic Processing Unit; this is built around a 32-bit Intel processor with 2GB of RAM, and with 64GB of onboard flash storage. This takes input from a range of sensors: a depth sensing camera, ambient light sensor, inertial sensors, and four ‘environmental cameras’. All these sensors combine to allow the HPU to build up a remarkably accurate 3D map of your environment.You can command the Hololens using either voice or gestures. Given Cortana’s rather… sketchy understanding of the Australian accent, we used gestures, and you can pretty much do everything with either head movement, gestures, or a combination thereof. To click on a control or menu, you use a fixed cursor to hover over it (this floats in the center of your vision, overlaid onto whatever it is you are viewing), then tap your thumb and forefinger together in front of your field of view. To go up a level in whatever menu structure you’re in, you use what the devs call a ‘bloom’ gesture – hold your fingers and thumb together, palm upwards, then slowly open your hand. It’s remarkably instinctual, and I was navigating menus in minutes.

According to reports,the first units are expected to ship on November 30, and as for the price, the hardware will set you back a cool £2,719 (it’s AU$4,369 in Australia). That’s a little disappointing, as the UK price is very close to being equivalent to the tag over in the US, where the HoloLens costs $3,000.

just an hour with the Hololens is enough to convince even the most hardened sceptic that Microsoft has created something very special indeed.Alex Kipman, technical fellow, Microsoft Windows and Devices Group said,

It has been quite inspiring to see what our partners have built and what individual developers have created [with HoloLens]. Together, we have only scratched the surface for what mixed reality can do. I can't wait to see what happens next as we welcome these new countries to our holographic landscape."

General Electric (GE) is going to begin a skill training programme this November in Lagos Nigeria, themed "GE Lagos Garage" with the aim of improving and promoting Nigeria's most promising entrepreneurs.

The programme is set to kick off from the 14th of November to December 9th.The applications are still open till midnight November 1,2016.

It's going to be a very innovative and intuitive programme as participants will work with a variety of world-class instructors, investors, technical experts, and partners that would guide them through and also widen their IT knowledge as they will be using 3D printers to create products.

According to reports:

GE created the Garages program in 2012 to reinvigorate America’s interest in invention, innovation, and manufacturing. In 2014, Garages went global with three weeks of workshops at GE’s regional headquarters in Lagos, using the latest in advanced manufacturing technologies. CNC mills, 3D printers, and laser cutters filled the first-ever fabrication lab in West Africa, driving innovation in the region.
The GE garage will train participants on the latest manufacturing technologies to enable innovation through rapid prototyping. They will learn and apply the core principles of design thinking, product development, finance, marketing, sales, and customer acquisition in real-time to their ventures. and also providing access to a robust mentorship network, supporting entrepreneurialism with an aim to drive growth across all sectors of industry.

The programme is being managed by NeuBridges,which is a Nigerian consulting company that helped the programme launch back in 2014.

Interested Applicants should apply HERE

Samsung has finally stopped the production of the Galaxy Note 7 due to repeated issues of the phone overheating or exploding.This news has been going on for a while now and prompted Samsung to recall all Galaxy Note 7 phones on sale world wide.

Reports have it that Samsung had made a “final decision” to stop production.Giving no futher explanation as to why the decision was made.

Samsung also earlier asked all consumers who own the original Note 7 devices or replacement models to power them down and stop using them as it worked with regulators to solve the problem.

This has surely put a stain on the brand,as they could not resolve the issue thereby forced to end production.what would be the overall effect of ending the production of the Galaxy note 7?.

Reuters cites analysts estimating that a permanent end to Note 7 sales could cost the company up to $17 billion and coupled with the fact that the company has lost 8% of its stock price due to the action of investors wiping out the sum of $19 Billion off the company,this would be the companies largest fall since October 2008.

After Google officially launched the Pixel and Pixel XL Smartphone it was not different from the leaks which were released few days before the phones were officially announced.

Its seems to be much of a competitor with the latest Nexus phone generation and also so many comparison with the Iphone 7+ has been on.

Below is a review video of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL Smartphone:

We are about to witness a special phone from Google,and they are calling it the "Google Pixel Phone".So many leaks have been released and we have almost seen it all,maybe there could be just slight changes,but we look forward to see what the phone truly looks like during its announcement today.

The leaks got out when UK phone retailer Carphone Warehouse accidentally published product pages for both phones early and has since pulled each from its website.The two phones being the Google Pixel and Pixel XL.

The leak also listed some specification of both phone which we are not so sure about but could be the actual spec of the phone,the Pixel and Pixel XL are likely to have Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, 4GB of RAM, microSD support and a choice of 32GB or 128GB storage,The Pixel XL features a 5.5-inch 2K AMOLED display and a 3450mAh battery, while the Pixel comes with a less impressive sounding 5-inch Full HD screen and 2770mAh power pack.Both phones have 8MP front-facing selfie shooters as well as 12MP rear cameras,USB type C and fingerprint scanner at the back.

This is all that we have from the leaks updates,there's more to come after the official announcement.
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