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There are so many things you should know about the new Apple watch 2,The Apple watch series 2 is an interesting smartwatch,a lot of updates have been made for improved user experience.Aside from the sleek and classy design,the Apple watch 2  runs on a much faster processor and comes with a new water resistance design that enables you to track your swim distance and also a Gps chip to track your runs.

Talking about luxury,the Apple watch 2 has a new white ceramic finish that comes as a successor of the luxury gold Apple watch edition.With this you should be guessing how much the watch would cost if you are a lover of luxury.

The Apple watch 2 is to be released on September 16  and the price will range from the lowest being;
  • US - $369
  • UK - £369
  • AU - $529
The 42mm base model cost;
  • US - $399
  • UK - £399
  • AU - $579
And the ceramic model cost:
  • US - $1,299
  • UK - £1,299
  • AU - $1,799
Check out the video review:

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