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Well rumors have it that Samsung is working on its next Smartphone which is the Samsung Galaxy S8,and the question you might want to ask are,What would the phone look like?,when is the release date?,what are the latest updates?,how much would it cost?,and so on.

Well this is just a concept of what the S8 may look like and not really the real design.The release date is not known yet but it could be announced early 2017.The S8 is supposed to be an improved version of the S7 and previous generations so expect nothing but better features from the S8,rumors have it that the S8 would have a 4k screen built for VR Gear Headset and also a projector to view whatever is displayed on the screen on any platform.The price also is yet to be know but just have it known that it would not be cheap.

This is a view to what we think the S8 may look like:

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