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Iphone 7 plus users will love the iOS 10.1 Beta update which has just been released by Apple,but for now only developers can access this Beta update before the public Beta arrives.

The iOS 10.1 Beta comes with a portrait 'Bokeh',this feature suites the iPhone 7 plus because of its dual lense feature.The feature, which creates artistic bokeh around subjects in portrait mode, leverages the iPhone 7 Plus’ dual-camera to get the bokeh effect.

Apples says the will use the phone’s rear cameras to generate a 9-layer depth map.The image itself is taken with the 56mm lens and the wide angle lens gathers depth-of-field information.This effect keeps the subject in focus while the background images stay burred.

As it seems the app works best in good lighting conditions,most people have have complained about its poor performance while some say it works perfectly well for them.

Since the app is still in its Beta state there is no need for worries,there is still time to improve the app.

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