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Hands on with the new Samsung Galaxy note 7,a smartphone that allows you to do more.I was excited when i heard that the note 7 would be officially released for worldwide sale on August 19 but after reading the review of the phone i could not wait to get my hands on it.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the real example of technological advancement,Its not just a big phone but a phone that helps you think big,everything thing about it is so unique.Samsung has been working on improving the previous versions and here's the evidence.

I'm just going to run through a quick review and you can watch the rest,as seeing sometimes is believing.Here's a quick review of the Samsung Note 7;

 The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comes in varieties of colors,it is also shaped in a curved way for more comfortable grip and also a 5.7 inch dual curved screen.It comes with a new and improved S pen for more effective performance.The note 7 is water and dust reistant and comes with an Iris scanner for security.visit gsmarena for more specification.

This is a true smartphone..

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