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Thanks to FIFA 17 now you can play a more realistic football game,I'm you are already sick and tired of the same old stuff,same old game play..and have always hungered for something more realistic,now you've got it.FIFA has added more improved game play features in the new FIFA 17 so that you can feel the physical realism in each player.I'm so excited right now and i'm sure you are too.

FIFA 17 made it so realistic by not just randomly adding features but specifically adding real life players physical techniques to game play,thereby increasing the level of realism.

The new FIFA 17 comes with new features like the physical play overhaul,push back tech,first touch shielding,active intelligence feature that makes players active with and without the ball,in this case i think this is one of my best feature in this game play upgrade cause i've had instances where i would like my player to move forward during a counter strike and they'll just stand there staring leaving me running ahead without no assist.overall this is one of  my best.

Watch the video below for more fun features;

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