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Meet the new Gionee M5 Plus with Fingerprint Scanner!..

I'm pretty sure you might be asking what's so special about this phone,aside the fact that it has a fingerprint scanning device,below are the specifications of the M5 Plus.

• 5,000mAh Battery
• 6.0 Inch full HD Amoled Display
• 64GB ROM expandable to 128GB
• 13 MP rear camera and 5MP front camera
• Octa Core Processor 1.3GHZ
• Andriod 5.1, G- Sensor, Light Sensor, E-Compass
• Dual Micro Sim capabilities

And that's not all the M5 plus has a symmetric curved design and 8.4mm slim body,unlocks phone within 0.1 seconds and has a safe box that houses contacts, calls, messages, files, pictures, etc, accessible only by FINGERPRINT

Are you still not convinced to get yours?...

This is what you should find inside this box:
We have our warranty card, manuals, screen protector, transparent back case, charger, USB type C cable, ear piece and an ejector pin which saves you the stress of always looking for pointy objects..trust me i know girls who use their earings...lol...

 It has a non-removable battery but has a powerful 5020 Milli Ampere battery which means even with heavy usage, a single charge can last for as long as three days making it the perfect phone for everyday adventures.

This is  a phone you should put on your budget list. 

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