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Blackberry this week introduced their second Android Touchscreen Smartphone the DTEK50,which promises to be the worlds most secure Smartphone ever.

This phone seems familiar you may say, yes its does! this phone looks exactly like the Alcatel idol 4,the only difference is the change in the idol's glass back with a rubber surface which makes it different and uniquely built for purpose.

Talking about security,the DTEK50 has a titular app that lets you monitor and gradually control every apps access to system resource and information.

with this new tech blackberry promises new improvements in its features as it is able to filter messages that have unread status or has been flagged.

The 5.2-inch DTEK50 goes for the price of  $299.99 which seems to be price-sensitive should attract android shoppers.it also comes with a sleek and fast camera.

Blackberry seems optimistic in making improvements on their brand and also coming back on top again by reaching a high sales price,but the question is would they be able to achieve that with the new DTECK50?.

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