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Instagram will finally  let anybody share pictures from anywhere on their phone, thereby taking care of arguably the most annoying problem that it has.
The company has finally enabled share extensions so that it’s easy to share from photos or anywhere else on the phone.
The feature exists on almost every other app – even facebook. But it might be more useful than any of those for Instagram, since it makes it easy to send photos from the photo library or anyone else.
Share extensions can be triggered from many apps that have a photo in, and are usually opened by clicking the little share button in any particular app. In the Photos app, for instance, people can just open a photo and then click the little rectangular share box – allowing them to share a photo without ever opening the app.
From the share extension, people can choose to write a small message to post alongside the photo – after which it will be uploaded. For any more special features like filters or editing, users will have to click through to the app.

But Instagram has been late to the party and didn’t ever seem to get around to integrating the feature within its app, despite going through a complete overhaul and re-design since they were released. But now it has been pushed out in the latest version of the app, which can be found in the App Store.
There's no official app for the iPad so maybe that's their next fix, so it remains to be seen. 

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