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First off, i'm a huge Batman fan. 
So when i heard that Samsung was going to be doing a custom made Galaxy S7 phone with the Dark Knight, i squealed like a girl.
At the moment though i'm just downright envious, why? Well this super cool Batman Injustice Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is arriving South Korea come June 13. 
I'm chuffed for South Korean Batman fans, while i'm just sad for me. This jet-black Samsung device comes emblazoned with a golden batwing emblem so iconic to your favorite non-super-powered superhero.
Now before you jump out the window in excitement, it would be wise to advise you-- this will cost you a pretty penny. The limited edition Injustice Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a price tag of 1.199 million won, which clocks in at just around $1,035.
Did i hear you whistle? I did too.
On the other hand though, Only 1,000 will be sold period, but the first 30 who show up will be getting an extremely limited Batman Injustice figure as icing on the cake. 
Also coming with the package is a gold-colored Batarang, a coupon for VR content, a Batman-black Samsung Gear VR headset, and a back cover touting the Batman symbol.
So you can be certain that there won't be many people owning stuff like this around you.
So if you're cool with all the inherent conditions and you can pull it off, then you may just be getting yourself the coolest phone ever.

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