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The iOS has always been a lot of fun and also been a hive for glitches and bugs. The bugs range from the really annoying ones to the pretty hilarious ones.

There's one which causes keyboard glitches while regulating Spotlight hunt and another that affects accessibility and kills off complement animations completely.

The funniest by far is a new bug that lets you zoom into a picture infinitely while using the photo app.

Normally there's a limit to just how much you can zoom into a picture that doesn't affect picture quality and whatnot, but from the looks of things, we can bypass this altogether and infinitely zoom into an image to sub-atomic levels even...think Fantastic Adventure by Isaac Asimov

If you want to try it out, here's what you do:
1. Launch a Photos app and open adult any image.
2. Now tap on a ‘Edit’ symbol and afterwards tap on ‘Crop.’
3. Rotate a picture 90 degrees in any direction and strike save.
4. Now zoom into a picture regulating a splash out gesture. Keep on zooming until we strech a sub-atomic level.
Easy as pie eh?

It’s a tiny bug in iOS that doesn’t means any harm during all. But now that it has been detected and gone public, we’re certain Apple will make sure to change things.

So enjoy it while it lasts i guess.

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