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Step 1 – Install the PRIV USB Drivers

In order to connect to PRIV so you can access its device memory and media card contents, you need to install the PRIV USB drivers first.
To obtain these drivers, click here & select BlackBerry Android USB and Tether Drivers (Windows) followed by clicking Next and finally Download Software.
When the drivers have finished downloading, double-click on the file to install the drivers on your PC. If prompted, restart your PC after installing the drivers before proceeding.

Step 2 – Connect PRIV to your PC, and select File Transfer mode

When connecting to your PC there are two important things you need to know.
The first is that PRIV must be unlocked if you have a device password set. This is a security precaution that prevents someone from taking your PRIV, connecting it to their PC and having access to your personal data.
The second is that if you are using Android 6.0 or later, aka Marshmallow on PRIV, you must enable File Transfer mode after connecting PRIV to your PC. To do this, on PRIV, after connecting to your PC, swipe down from the top of display using two fingers, tap on the Connecting in charging mode notification followed by tapping File Transfer.

Step 3 – Copy files to and from PRIV using Windows Explorer

After selecting File Transfer mode, access PRIV by opening Windows Explorer and look for your device to be listed along the left as per the screenshot below (it will appear as BlackBerry STV100-X, with X being your specific regional variant of PRIV). Click BlackBerry STV100-X and you will be able to access your PRIV device memory, or your media card if one is inserted into the device.

Warning: Deleting files from your PRIV using Android File Transfer is permanent!

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