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Well, that's not something you see everyday. A popular developer, Nick Lee who has become somewhat of a mad scientist in the world of tech by putting weird and wacky operating systems on Apple gadgets, including Windows 95 on an Apple Watch has now gone further and place a full-fledged version of Android on the iPhone. 
Cool eh? you do need a special, 3D-printed smartphone case to make it work though.
What Lee did was to clone the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and then make a custom version of Android Marshmallow he could run on a board he bought himself. He proceeded to then get a 3D printed iPhone-sized enclosure he found on Thingiverse, and combined the board, a battery, a boost converter, and resistor to make a lightweight case. 

His first prototype was to put it mildly, sorta fat, But then, after a bit of a makeover which involved slimming down the design, Lee was able to craft an enclosure not too much larger than your standard smartphone battery case.
 He also threw in a bunch of other stuff including openings for HDMI and USB ports, as well as a SD card slot. 
From his video, Lee appears to boot Android by way of a custom Tendigi app on the iPhone's home screen. Tendigi, where Lee works as CTO, is a mobile design and development studio in Brooklyn, and Lee uses its iOS app to communicate with the case and load his custom version of Android on an iPhone 6S's display. 
This took days to complete and it's certainly not something that'll be used in the mainstream, but it is fascinating to see the creativity of it all.

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