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With new innovations coming about everyday, Lenovo has joined in, unveiling a new smartphone filled with sensors that enable it to scan and map the world around it in real time.
The PHAB2 Pro as it is called is powered by technology known as Project Tango, developed by Google and that uses the camera and a set of sensors built into the phone to scan the space around it and build a 3D map of the surroundings.
The smartphone was announced at Lenovo's Tech World conference in San Francisco where the Chinese firm suggested that Project Tango could be as pivotal as GPS and improve indoor mapping as well as power new augmented and virtual reality experiences.
A senior official at Lenovo, said: "Put simply, we wanted to take what was an amazing concept and transform it into a commercially viable mobile device.
"From the moment we saw Tango, we knew it could become pervasive, just like GPS. However, to truly make the PHAB2 Pro a game-changer, we developed it at an affordable price for mainstream consumers, delivering not just a bleeding-edge phone, but an all-around fantastic phone that's first to market."
The PHAB2 Pro uses motion tracking, depth perception and area learning to map environments and sense its own location within them. In total there are four cameras built into the device.
The phone will hit the shelves in the US first in September for $499 (£344)

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