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A new leak confirms what had been rumoured for a long time-- Samsung is skipping a generation in its Galaxy series. Kinda like how windows skipped the 9th generation and just went for 10 straight up, well Samsung is doing the same thing and jumping straight to 7 it seems.

The image below, found by NowhereElse, was put on Twitter and it shows a large number 7 and text that says “The Next Note” right below it.

The image however, bears no sign that it was generated by Samsung so there's some doubt surrounding it.
Notwithstanding, there's certainly interest in a second report that shows us what may very well be the final design of the Galaxy Note 7. Set to launch at some point in mid-August, the phone will be similar to the Galaxy S7 series – and it will apparently include an edge version. Unlike the Galaxy S7 models, all new Note 7 handsets will have a stylus, which is an iconic feature of this smartphone family.

The short video below created by uSwitch is based on schematics obtained byNowhereElse, who is generally trustworthy when it comes to leaks.
From the looks of it, the Galaxy Note 7 should measure 153.5 x 73.9 x 7.9 mm, which is almost identical to last year’s model. 
A glaring detail in these renders is the presence of the USB-C port on the bottom. Samsung has stayed away from the new USB standard so far, but the new Note 7 family might be the first series to make use of it. 
Conclusively, a dual rear camera isn’t present, though some rumors had suggested there would be a setup similar to what we’re expecting on the iPhone 7 Plus.

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