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Barely a year ago, the prospect of the Blackberry Priv had many people really excited. It was a known brand which had been falling behind about to make a major comeback and on the Android platform too.
The Blackberry Priv was set to change the fortunes of the company and lead them into a new age of success.
Alas, it was not to be and here we are in June 2016 and not only has BlackBerry’s first Android phone failed to thrive, and this has now resulted in at least one service provider deciding to drop the device as the Priv is no longer listed on T-Mobile’s website.
The service provider have not only dropped the Priv, but there aren't any Blackberry phones at all on offer.
This has been as a result of poor performance. We had reported earlier that the sales of the Priv weren't doing too well at all, with fewer and fewer people purchasing it.
It made it worse that the Priv is so expensive. It started out at a whopping $700 on release and this was replicated in other regions. This led to poor sales as the Blackberry was becoming an unpopular brand with consumers preferring the cheaper and sometimes more efficient Android phones.

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