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Blackberry hasn't competed properly in the smartphone market for a while. They are seen as many as have beens and are seen as being on the brink of extinction. 
Due to this it seemed that Blackberry had placed all their faith in its first Android-powered handset, the BlackBerry Priv, but even it doesn’t appear to have done much to improve its fortunes. 
In a report by CNET where they quoted a “high-level” AT&T executive that the BlackBerry Priv is “really struggling,” and that the rate of return has been quite high. “We’ve seen more returns than we would like” the unnamed executive adds.
The report also reveals that while it was initially believed that an Android-powered handset would entice more users to switch to BlackBerry, most of the customers who did pick one up were BlackBerry loyalists, used to the company’s own operating system, and thus they couldn’t quite make the transition to Android. 
This according to the unnamed executive is the reason for the high rate of return.
BlackBerry has so far said nothing of the report, but report didn't mince words in its analysis of Blackberry's failings. There have even been rumours of the company’s hardware business being shut down for good, with CEO John Chen himself saying that he will shut down the hardware business if it fails to turn a profit soon.
It is hoped that perhaps the Hamburg and Rome might come around and help its fortunes.

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