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Apple has finally released an iOS update to fix a pretty pesky bug that was transforming 9.7-inch iPad Pros into unusable slabs of glass. 
The new update, version number 9.3.2, will fix whatever software issue was bricking the tablets, and it can be downloaded over the air today. 
Users complained about seeing a message that read "Error 56." when using the 9.3.2 and this prompts you to plug the device into iTunes so it can be restored and this did absolutely nothing to fix the problem that was rendering the iPad Pro useless.
For those who have already their iPad Pro to the latest version of iOS, then this update is redundant. But if not, you can go to the "General" section in Settings and try the download again. 
It might initially give an error on the first try, but don't let this deter you, just try again and a new 9.3.2 will start downloading and then install.

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