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Don't you just hate it when you receive a call and you have to go "Hello? Who's this?" Then the person sounds all hurt and goes "You don't have my number?"
Well, I for one hate that. Thing is, I might have very well deleted your number with the hopes of never hearing from you again, but i'll still feel mighty guilty if you said that to me and then i'll come up with some lie that i got a new phone and lost all my contacts.
Enter WhoApp, a new iPhone app, which will make that a thing of the past.
From the totally not underground TelTech in New Jersey, WhoApp recognizes calls from those darn telemarketers, the weird scammers and anyone else who's on your calling blacklist. 
It then turns an unknown number into a name, profile picture, address and Google Street View of the location, so you know, you can track them if need be.
This is simply because the number of telemarketers who call now is ridiculous and they could call at the most inopportune times.
The manufacturers, TelTech have a solid track record in terms of protecting privacy. The company won the Federal Trade Commission's 2015 anti-robocall competition with an app called RoboKiller, which lends some of its technology to WhoApp.
"RoboKiller was purpose-built to combat robocalls," said Ethan Garr, co-founder and vice president of TelTech. "But we realized that the larger issue is not knowing who is calling."
So, how does Whoapp work?  When you decline to accept a call from an unfamiliar number, that number is sent to WhoApp. As the call is happening, the app quickly dials back the number and displays information identifying the caller...simple
If it's someone you want to talk to, you answer the call. Otherwise, you can let the call go to the WhoApp voicemail.
WhoApp is certainly not the first app to offer this feature or service, Truecaller, PrivacyStar and WhitePages do all of this, but there's a difference-- they use crowd-sourcing, information from public databases and their own algorithms to detect unwanted calls.
WhoApp is currently available only for the iPhone. But TelTech have stated that they expect it to be available on the Android platform come fall.

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