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Google's new update on the iOS is now faster than ever. This would come as good news to iPhone and iPad users as the ever growing demand for speed while browsing grows each day.
New features have now been added to create a better user experience.  
The general idea from Google is to help save your precious minutes. While you may not notice the speed differences be rest assured that they're there...cos Google says so .
It's estimated that Google iOS mobile users will be saved 6.5 million hours throughout the rest of 2016 due to these improvements.
Most notably, Google app for iOS now supports Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), which are news articles from a bunch of different publishers that are optimized to load instantly when opened (a sort of competitive hat tip toward Facebook’s Instant Articles, if you will). 
Long and short is that everything is faster. Google says everything you do in the app, including searches, are ‘just a bit quicker’ than before. While on every individual task the time saving might not look like much, but in the greater scheme of things, Google iOS users will save a lot of time.

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