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Asus today welcomed three new devices to its Android portfolio - the regular Zenfone 3, the beefy Zenfone 3 Deluxe, and finally, the ultra-large Zenfone 3 Ultra. 

And the last one? Phew! It's a true behemoth, in almost every way.

Okay so what do i mean? It's 6.8 inches long, and that is very, very big, when you're talking mobile phones, that's Godzilla size right there.

The Zenfone 3 is the Yao Ming of phones standing at that incredible height though this is arguably its biggest highlight. 

In terms of Specs, it is not as impressive as the 6GB RAM Deluxe phone Asus also introduced, it's just a very good upper mid-range device.

On the Design front, it's a full-metal device that comes without any visible antenna lines, and Asus claims this is the world's first phone to do so. 

Let's hope that's a trend that continues. Also, despite being branded as a member of the Zenfone 3 family, its design is quite different from the Zenfone 3 and the Zenfone 3 Deluxe. Its fingerprint reader, for example (yes, it has one!), is embedded under a physical home button up front. 

The Zenfone 3 is also doing pretty well in the sound department. It's set to arrive with a duo of powerful five-magnet stereo speakers, as well as DTS 7.1 virtual surround support.  

And if that was not enough to make you truly terrified about the phone, It comes with a 4,600mAh battery. 

Let that sink in.

So basically this means that the Zenfone 3 Ultra can charge other phones with a 1.5A power output. 

The Asus Zenfone 3 Ultra will be available in Taiwan, Asia Pacific, China, and Europe, but there's no word about the USA yet. 

We'll keep you in the loop for any other developments

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