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The Gear VR headset from Samsung has arguably been one of the biggest things to arrive in the world of virtual reality. 
And Samsung don't want to stop there, they're taking it up a bit with a dedicated gaming controller possibly being thrown into the mix.
This is according to some leaked renders published by Samsung Mania. This device will presumably replace Samsung’s pretty standard wireless gamepad, which is the default option for users with a Gear VR at the moment.
The replacement controller looks pretty ordinary, with a basic gaming layout and Bluetooth support. You can see a single joystick and four circular buttons in front, along with a menu button and LED power indicator. 
At the back, Samsung deigned to add a left and right trigger and a Bluetooth sync button in the middle.
It all looks pretty cool, it also sports a textured plastic that should feel comfortable when you hold it. To heighten the experience, Samsung even nicely added small indents on either side so you can pop the controller into the Gear VR headset when it’s not in use.
Cool huh
On the flip side though, it seems there will be no motion tracking sensors with the controller. 
That little kink would have made it possible to interact directly with objects in virtual reality, instead of simply offering a traditional gaming interface. 
Of course all this could end up being absolute hogwash, there's also no estimated time or release or estimated price, so we have to observe carefully.
 If it is going to happen though, it could very well come pretty soon. Maybe even in time for the new Galaxy Note 7 phablet, which is expected to get an updated Gear VRheadset to match its new dimensions.
Fingers crossed.

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