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Samsung have made a bold step by making the first commercial tab that taps into the Aadhar platform. 
The Tab is called the Iris, and it's a seven-inch tablet with integrated digital authentication in the form of an iris scanner.
To showcase the device, Samsung India vice-president Sukesh Jain scanned his eyes to use the tablet to pull up his Aadhar details. 
The product was designed by the company’s R&D labs in Bangalore over the past 18 months. The device, which a selling price of Rs 13,499, is protected by Samsung Knox and sends only encrypted iris packets. It also has an open SDK letting developers create apps for the tablet.
Interestingly, since a lot of other countries are also looking at Aadhar to create their own unique identification systems, Samsung could use the learnings here to tweak the product for other markets. 

Also, While Samsung has created one app to access the Aadhar database and is opening to create more reference apps, Samsung have said it would be up to third parties to create more apps as the SDK and APIs are open. 

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