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In the world, DYI has become quite popular and the mobile phone being the sacred device it is, is one in which we rely heavily on. We rely on it that it'll keep our secrets safe and so on.

But these phones come with apps pre-installed into the phone called bloatware. They take up space, are unnecessary and drain the battery of your device. Sometimes they are vulnerable to attacks from external sources and suddenly your phone isn't so safe anymore.

But we've got you covered, below are tips on how to remove these apps from your android phone, be it rooted or not.

How to Remove Bloatware from Non-Rooted Android

  1. First thing you've got to do is enable the developer option which you can reach through Settings -> About Phone -> Build Number (Tap on build number 7-10 times and your developer options will get activated).
  2. You should now see your developer options in your settings. Tap on it and scroll down and enable USB Debugging.
  3. Once you've achieved this, you need to download and install a Debloater tool in your windows PC that will allow you to remove system apps from your device, the Debloater app is available for download online.
  4. Now connect your android device with USB cable with your PC and wait for the tool to detect your device.
  5. Once detected, it will scan all the apps that being currently installed in your device and that includes your system apps.
  6. Just use the mark tool and select the apps that you want to remove from your device and then you click on apply button and this will block all those apps from your device and they will be no longer there in your device to consume your memory.  
  7. You can also undo this process by un-ticking them to access them again.
  8. Tada! you're done, now you can use your device memory and space as you please.
How to Remove Bloatware from Rooted Android Devices

If your device happens to be rooted already then you can us the NoBloatFree app, this will let you remove all the bloatware apps that serve no purpose on your phone and leave you with just your security.

Thank us later once you're freely enjoying your android device devoid of any worries.

Source: Techviral.com

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