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The problem for Apple's flagship mobile phone is that it's all it has. So if an iPhone isn't awesome, it spells trouble for Apple as there's no fallback Phone for them to direct people to.

From the looks of it though, it seems they have nothing to worry about with the iPhone7 as every new leak just makes it look more and more awesome.

In the new leaks available online, the iPhone7 looks ever so graceful from the back with its dull golden color. The image first appeared on Chinese social media site, Weibo. 

It also looks logical as it tallies with the earlier leaks we've been treated to. The re-positioned antenna bands and a larger rear camera are all still there.

There’s no Smart Connector, which tallies with other recent links and a second rear microphone is also a go. This nifty little feature will probably add stereo recording in the new phone.

Now even though the leaks looks all well and good, they must still be treated with a huge bag of salt. We'll update you as things move on.

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