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It won't be particularly odd to say that Sony's Playstation is probably winning the console wars at the moment.
Microsoft has a pretty loud voice, but it's probably not quite on par with Nintendo and Playstation. Nintendo seeing that they probably couldn't catch up with Playstation's AAA games, decided to take another route, paying more attention to making family oriented games and beloved titles.
Microsoft is trying but is still a little behind, they aren't giving up though as multiple reports indicate that Microsoft is about to announce a new, slimmer Xbox One around E3 in June, and a more powerful Xbox One next year.
In April 2016, FCC filings showed that Microsoft was working on two new consoles. Kotaku just confirmed this with more details on the company’s plans.
First according to kotaku, Microsoft is going to release a slimmer Xbox One in the coming months. The console should be just as powerful as the Xbox One, but as much as 40 percent smaller according to The Verge. While this console should be cheaper, it should also come with a beefy 2TB hard drive.
After that Microsoft could according to reports be preparing to announce a much more powerful Xbox One for next year. 
This could very well be in response to a rumored PlayStation 4 ‘Neo’ that Sony is planning to announce this Fall. The Neo should be more powerful in order to work with the PlayStation VR headset.
The new Xbox one will be nicknamed ‘Scorpio’ and the plan is for all games to be compatible with both the old and new consoles the only perk being that the games look better on the newer consoles. 
Kotaku reports that the new Xbox One specs are not certain at the moment. Polygon however, has learned that Microsoft is targeting 6 teraflops of GPU power, more than the PlayStation 4 ‘Neo’. Microsoft could be working with Oculus to make its console compatible with the Oculus VR headset.

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