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Look out Snapchat, Snow is on your tail!
Snow is a new app that lovers of Snapchat would definitely derive a lot of joy for.
Snow could be considered a clone of Snapchat, but nonetheless stands out with some cool stickers and features. 
With this in mind, it means that it's easy enough to use due to the similarities between the two apps. The apps has a contact list and you can share your pictures and the like when you upload them. It is available for both Android and iOS smartphones.
What makes Snow all the more fun is the numerous stickers with special effects and crazy filters. There are a wide range of them from animal faces to food products, holiday stickers to impersonating celebrities to the multiple facets of emotions put out in adorable stickers. 
To achieve this, after taking a picture you just swipe left and background stickers will appear. The app also lets you send video messages in the form of GIFs. Not only can you share the pictures with your friends, you also have the option to share them on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
The latest cool feature added to snow is cloning.
This lets you clone one person’s face with the rest of the group, so you all look like peas in a pod.
Face swap has become plenty popular recently and you can swap faces with two or more people, similar to how you can on Snapchat. 
In addition to this, Face Copy is also similar to Swap but it lets you use the pictures of people’s faces stored in your phone and paste it on your face.
The app is obviously South Korean in the sense that it highlights trends that are clearly from that part of the world.
Stickers with popular K-Pop groups like 4 Minute, B1A4 and Oh My Girl  are on there and also an assortment of Korean delicacies and so on.

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