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The Samsung Galaxy S7 is an absolute beauty of a phone and for many, the best out there at the moment.

One problem though-- like Cinderella's slippers, it's glass. Both the front and back of the phone is made of glass which makes it very vulnerable to ...unfortunate accidents.

So to avoid, a strong durable phone case is needed, but then sometimes it takes away from the beauty of the phone right? Not necessarily. Below are ten of the best phone cases for the Galaxy S7 out there now.

1)Caseology Envoy Series

2)Spigen Slim Armor CS

3) Spigen Tough Armor

4) Speck CandyShell Grip Case

5) VRS Design High Pro Shield Case

6)VRS Design Single Fit Case

7) Incipio DualPro Case
8) Caseology Skyfall Series
9) LUVVITT Sleek Armor

10) ULAK PU Leather Wallet Case
There you have it. Now go out there and get yourself your beauty phone, just make sure you have one of these beasts to protect her

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