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WhatsApp is arguably the most popular chat application at the moment. They already have a whatsapp web which allows you to keep in touch using your computer after syncing with your phone.

Now they have released a dedicated desktop app. The app is available to Windows and Mac users.

News of the desktop app leaked out early after it was detected by the Twitter accountWABetaInfo, which tracks changes in the service's various clients. 

The company released a blogpost in which it explains some of the features of the new app. Basically it isn't different from Whatsapp web in that it's meant to be an extension of your phone, with synchronized conversations and messages. 

The WhatsApp...app is available for direct downloading and will work perfectly for systems running Windows 8 (or newer) or OS X 10.9 (or newer).

You can read a few of the features from the Whatsapp blogpost.

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