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Everyone and their mother is getting excited at the prospect of Google's instant App.
Here's how it works: you click on a link, if that link has an associated Instant App at the URL you get a tiny version of that app instead of the website. 
From the looks of it, it's reportedly faster than loading a normal page and has just the same amount of functionality.
This is because developers can "modularize" their apps so they only serve you the parts that you need for whatever you clicked on
On the one hand, this could lead to a whole lot of apps you don't really want to use a lot, but on the other hand it could help developers bypass begging for installs or trying to climb the rankings and just let a link get shared around on Twitter. 
Unfortunately, it's only available on Android. 
Generally, it's really complicated at first, but with a bit of work and sensitization, it could become one of the most fascinating things around.

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